Anime Studio Pro 9

Anybody, Knows Anime Studio Pro 9? It is a 2D based, It has also a Bone system features and Bone Dynamics. Just like the other 2D programs like Flash, It also Have a Layer and You can Import some Images and add some bones on them, And also Used as A background, You can Apply Adobe Photoshop paints and Gimp, But it is on PNG format image.
And so on, it’s has a lot of features and easy to learn. O don’t know If theres a programs just like ASP.

Synfig Studio is probably the closest Open Source package to Anime Studio. I haven’t dabbled in either of them enough to know their differences feature by feature though. I don’t recall Synfig having bones for example, but I might be wrong.

I don’t think Synfig is currently ready for serious work, it’s still being developed. You might end up spending a lot of time with something that will end up frustrating you. But, blender is a good option. There are a lot of good examples using blender, such as