Anime style bg's

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to use blender to make anime/visual novel style backgrounds. There is a cool artist Yoshida Seiji who draws great backgrounds, so for the attempt I tried to copy his style. Here are the results.


Here is the image before I painted over it

The scene, it’s very simple and was made pretty quick and dirty

And this is the source.

Now I’m wondering, has anybody else attempted this. Some thoughts I had about this process.

I was making static backgrounds, so I did the final paint in Clip Studio Paint. It seems though that if you wanted the background to be movable in 3D, you could paint directly on the textures of a final baked light map. (The issue being the 3D effect might make it look less “anime-esque”) I will have to experiment. If anybody knows of anything related to this style any information would be appreciated. I’ve seen a lot of the people attempting to make ghibli style things (water, clouds, etc) in blender and those all look great. I want to try something with that, but foliage still seems like something better done with a painting.

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