Anime Style Female Base

Your right, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a million thanks :slight_smile: That made perfect sense as soon as i saw it. and just wow on the links. i took a quick look, and the only think that comes to mind is thank god i was born a guy XD it seems like a science. i plan on reading them both throughly it a bit.

What exactly’s wrong with the geometry of the ear?? is it too detailed or not detailed enough? or is it just not accurate? if it’s not detailed enough then that’ll be a fairly easy fix since i actually have a mildly detailed geometry for it (no where near enough for a completely realistic ear ,mind you :p) I just need to push and pull some faces to give it more depth in that case. I had originally made this ear for cell shading so it worked pretty well but maybe not so much on the lampert shader??

I fixed the ear and slightly changed the clothing. not really a big update however i did make a “sadly made” turnaround and posted it on youtube. here’s link link if anyone’s curious.

and now the ear fix.

and this is the slight change of clothes.

It comes out very believable. You already rigged it, so am interested what your next step is.

First of all, thanks for the comment. :slight_smile: And actually the rig is extremely simple. and badly done :stuck_out_tongue: i literally took a human metarig and parented everything to it with auto weights. no tweaking involved.
About my next step… actually I’m not sure… My original goal with this was to improve enough to actually be able to complete my original char (which was fairly close when i stopped workin on it.) I suppose my next step should be to propperly rig it and try some simple animations since that’s where i’m at a complete loss. The only problem is i don’t have any drive to work on this char. that and i have no ideas for it. if anyone has any suggestions on some things i could do with it I’m quite open to them :stuck_out_tongue:

also if anyone’s interested or curious, I’m planning on starting a new wip for a few chars that’ll be in a story I have. So I’ll be starting another thread sometime soon.

If you need an ear tutorial which is pretty nice to come by try this one. I did not do the next tutorial on gluing the ear to the model, I just jammed it in. Made san was made this way too.

You really don’t like my ear do you?? XD What exactly do you see wrong with it? cause i think i actually like it. I actually followed one of Jonathon Williamson’s tutorials. Do you see something fundamentally wrong with it? like say it’s too skinny or it has the wrong shape then that’s something i need to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, it took someone to point out where excately i failed at following advise XD i see now that you were talking about the fact that i still had not rotated the ear enough :stuck_out_tongue: for some reason I got confused. (I do that alot XD)

anyway here’s a update… hopefully i got it right this time XD

Oh lol, no thats what I did not meant. The ear is good enough. I noticed you wanted to know a good ear tutorial and pointed that one out. And what I meant was that you do not have to create one mesh thats connected to each other. This can simplify matters if you are doing cartoon characters but still wanna have some realisme in your mesh. The ears are a notorious part of the body to model in 3D.

See my picture what I mean by “jamming the ear into the mesh”. The head and ear are seperated meshes but the ear has more detail to it. Renders turn out ok and the hair covers it for some parts.

OH! I see. that makes since. Connecting the ear to the head was actually the hardest part of modelling it XD. i never even thought of just faking the connection. altho wouldn’t that give it some wierd shading in some cases?? or would that not really be noticeable in toon style?

btw thanks for the advise so far :slight_smile:

I did not encounter any problems with toon shader. Will work on some close ups this weekend so will give feedback from it.