Anime style Hair addon " amasawaTools "

hello blender user here is an addons I find in a Japanese site that convert curve to anime style hair more info and download here " use google chrome to translate the site "

and here is a more detailed tutorial of the addons really nice…:yes:

This is a good find!

Am I the only one that doesn’t speak the language? :smiley:

This is super… but can someone translate it ??
I’d like to use it

I think even the goosberry team could use this, as another form of hair (besides their new hair updates)

Just watch what he’s doing in the videos; it’s pretty clear even without translation. Here’s the address to actually download; you’ll need to click on the down arrow in the upper middle part of the screen to start.

can we get this in trunk? :smiley:
Its very very useful!

Holy crud, that looks awesome. I’ve got to add some of these features to Array Sketch when I next get the chance.

Looks good, but I can see it being a problem to do this with a few thousand hair strands where each one has to be created individually. I assume you could create it as a single object and then add it using the normal hair particle…

It’s not intended for creating thousands of hairs, in anime a single spike could represent several hundred hairs. This is for recreating stylized cartoon hair, but with physics.

This is f 'n awesome great add-on.

the newest version is here:

#ASK why when i try to scale down the beziercurve [in object mode] the effect not same with origin scale…

Just use the particle system to create hair then convert it in the modifiers section. Finally go back to the particle system and delete the hairs and you will be left with the strands you created when the hair particles were converted.

Version 0.5.0 is here -

This looks really useful, but I can’t get the Convert Hair->Mesh to work. Do I have to do anything tricky to make it work besides creating a hair particle system?

Create hair strands, convert in the Modifiers panel, then select the new mesh and use the convert tools in the addon. Personally, I think this entire system can be done much better, and be extended to create good hair cards for non-anime characters.

@m9105826, ehm how would you imagine this to work with ‘normal’ hair then ?.
Te start base are now lines made from a mesh (not hair as in particle hair).

This is how such a tool should work. Lots of options, nice grooming tools, and a pleasing end result, especially for games.

hmm yes surface hair might be nice too, not sure if this hair addon could do that, i vaigly remind something like that.
but essentially i think its softboddy hair, a different appouch as to particle hair. (maybe its the way to go now that particles are often refered to as a broken system)