Anime style kawaii experiment

I think it wouldn´t hurt to post two of my experiments, one was supposed to be animated like in resident evil 2, but I gave up after discovering the bone deforming :smiley: , the other was an experiment in blender trying to match the drawing I made in the non 3D art, but for comoditty I will post it here too
Hope you like it, any comments would be welcome


that girl in the pantsuit kind of has that “old-lady crotch” thing going on… what we americans call a “fupa” for “fat upper personal region”. also her pants are way too high in general. try it with toon shading, might look a little better too. not bad though.

a suggestion… when you use a ramp for the shader with a hard falloff (between dark and light regions), you get an ink-style for the colors.


Oh yes, it is true, that was an abandoned project, I´m planning to rebuild it in Blender some other time
The cell shade would be very nice too, I will experiment using it in my latest creation in poly to poly techinic
keep on making comments