Anime style model feedback

Based on BotW Link and Killua, with some references to anime figurines, I’m making a young male. Any comments/weird things that stick out? I’ve also attached the .blend if you want to make any changes.
Anime style young male base mesh.blend (3.8 MB)

I used sharpness to highlight where lines would normally be on 2D anime characters, and I think a texture with blush and shadows will help further show these features. I struggled with the shoulders and back the most. Also, I know it’s not proportional, but anime boys have large hips and the BotW Link model is crazy unrealistic. I wanted thinner legs (pic attached as reference) but people said the butt was too big and realistic for that so I added thighs and calves. I don’t know, I’ve spent too much time on this…

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The hips and butt look very feminine to me- like an adult woman. The butt is way too big and the hips are way too wide. Anime boys may have wide hips (I’ve never noticed this), but this is definitely too wide. Once those parts are shrunken down, you can make the legs thinner, to match the arms and torso. I would keep a little muscle in the legs, though. Even in the reference, he has noticeable calves, for example. The back looks good- good work on that. Some other problems: the torso is too long and the knees are too low, so move the pelvis up, shrinking the belly area (the rib cage area looks fine), then move the knees up a lot. The legs might end up too long, overall, after that, so you might have to shrink them. One last thing: the bottom of the pecs is too low. Hope this helps!

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It’s looks like female figure

Overall, face hair and pose look very good.
But totally agree with above comments-
Body is very endomorphic. Heavily female.

Need more muscle mass in chest back arms to balance body shape.

Or greatly reduce and narrow the lower half. If you desire a very willowy slender work.