Anime style Open Movie project done with Grease Pencil - I would love your input

Hello everyone, my name is Gilles charbonneau, I am a senior 2D, and 3D animator from Montreal Canada.

Although my bread and butter has been 3D animation in the last 20 years or so, I am a 2D animator at heart, I have been using Moho/Anime Studio for my 2D work since 2006, I have a Moho/Anime Studio blog and YouTube page.

Gilles Charbonneau - Anime Studio Tutorials and Articles
Gilles Charbonneau - YouTube

I have been using Blender for my personal 3D projects for about 6 years now, I love it, and the 2.80 beta rocked my world, especially the new Grease pencil tools, so my plan is to switch from Moho/Anime Studio to Blender 2.80 for my 2D work.

I have a script I wrote a few years back that I believe would be perfect as my first major Grease Pencil movie project, it is the story of a bounty huntress who goes after the mad scientist who saved here life, it has a strong steampunk and Anime feel to it, you can download the script in both English and French.

Steampunk Bounty_EN.pdf (29.9 KB)

Steampunk Bounty_FR.pdf (30.3 KB)

In the spirit of Blender and open source, I would make this an open source project, I would also make Blender video tutorials that relates to 2D animation in Blender.

I would like to know if this could be of interest to the Blender community, because for me, Open source equals community, one just can’t go without the other, so, I would love to have your thoughts on such a project !



Nice project. Are u planing to use 3d for environment and 2d for characters? I am interested in knowing why u have opted for 2d animation for characters rather than 3d. I am guessing 2d is more free and expressive and 3d would take a lot of time creating the assets?

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Hello Melvi!

2D, to me at least, has a quality that 3D does not have, and yes, much more freedom with 2D than 3D, 3D is also a lot more technical, takes much more horse power, and much more time to set up and animate, at least for me, but then again, I have been doing 2D animation since I was 12, and I am 55 now !

All this said, 3D ca be great for backdrops, especially with tools like Freestyle and shading, Eevee allows for very good-looking 2D shading that also renders really fast, 2.80 will be an amazing release IMHO !

Of course, that would be helpful to share your knowledge.
And open source creations are wonderful gifts that may produce derivative art.

But it would probably be difficult to follow your tutorials and advices, if you start it with a beta.
I encourage you to try to do everything on an official release that would be reliable.
Blender Institute movies are big projects. But they are following master branch.
It is interesting and exciting for people following Blender development. But for people wanting to make movies that may be blocking or frustrating.
Files of a movie may require an in-between blender version with a python script that did not work with official release.
A feature may have been developed for movie but never made it in the master.

That would be cool to make an opensource project with blend files that could be open and run with an official release that anybody can download from, years after production.

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Hello zeauro, and thanks for your input.

I get your point, and it is a very valid one, unfortunately, the new Grease pencil tools are only available in 2.80 Beta, so let us hope that things will not get broken along the way, if they do, I will update the tutorials !