Anime style original cat character Mio


The name of this cat character is Mio.

I am planning to have you play an active part as a virtual youtuber from now on.

It is a cat that likes dancing and laughing.

I use blender 2.8 eevee for production.

And I use the add-on auto rig pro.

I use freestyle and composite nodes to create an anime-like look.

The content of the composite node uses a sobel to outline the difference in color. And I use a sobel to create an outline by depth.

(anas) #2

this is so much amazing !!! i love it


Thank you! Very happy.

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Awesome! It looks just like a 2D drawing!

(cet77) #5

Nice character, really cute. :slight_smile: good work.


Thank you! Nya ~


Thank you!:smiley_cat: