Anime style production

(Kid Tripod) #1

has anyone done any anime style work in blender? I think there used to be inf.ini.mon but it doesn’t seem to be around any more

(sten) #2

do you mean like Manga…or japanese cartoon style ?

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okey, I chat with a guy earlier today at main IRC chat and he gave me this link:

And also recived a Blend-file…if you want to take a look at it I can send it to you by e-mail.

Just give me your address !!


(Kid Tripod) #5

cool - very Jet Set Radio!

(Cativo) #6

just wanted to say: Manga=comic, Anime=animation, both japanese.

(Kid Tripod) #7

Quite true
blame the confusion on “Manga Entertainment” who used to claim that Manga was their trademark and didn’t actually sell any manga, but as you say, anime!

(funkychild) #8

Have a look at Ekakiya’s work. Some of it is incredible. I’m not sure if it’s 100% blender but I think a lot of it is…

(Free Mars) #9

Ztozny is there anyway you could send me the Blend
[email protected]

(Riskbreaker) #10

Hehe, I too once thought all japanese animations were a genre called MANGA…dont write off MANGA ENTERTAINMENT though, they’re the masters of anime.

By the way, im interested in the blend file too

[email protected]

(STEMax) #11


Japanese don’t make the difference between Anime and Manga, the word “manga” is used either for the animation or book…


(Kid Tripod) #12

i think you mean when they say anime they mean all animation (foreign and japanese). manga is the comics.

anime is derived from the english for animation, so using it for comics would be illogical. Again blame all the confusion on manga entertainment (it sounds angrier than anime entertainment which i guess is what they went for . . .)

(Sutabi-old) #13

I am currently using blender to create anime style stuff but it hard, i am not modeling in blender becuase i am mainly using refernce picture to model off, although i am just practing using metaseqLE, very nice to get more accureate model becuase you can model of reeference pictrue way fast then export to .dxf, but blender is where i am going to render my animation.

I saw blendo arm set up it kinda messy, i am just going to work on two female models add a little weapontry and work on animations, i tried with blendo but it to much pain, mainly with you having to pull his arm around and stuff.

I am almost no where with this project becuase i am still working on concepts of what they wil look like, and i have began to record animations of me doing jump kicks and simple moves along with a carved wooden sword ^^. Been using blender for sometime so i figure about 2 weeks to finish planning( that includes action script, concept drawing of both characters and area and finish the small animations i am going to use of myself and my damn quick cam lol horrible quality. Well i think ill get my characters’ concept done right now then ^^ ill post them maybe in about 2-3 hour then

(IngieBee) #14

I always thought that blendergirl and the low poly tutorial (tut book 1 or 2, I don’t remember) Looked very anami to me. I’ve tried to do “Sailor Moon” charicters to impress my daughter, LOL. But I wasn’t happy with my work :-?


(IngieBee) #15

characters, what the hell am I writing, LOL

(MrPatel) #16

Could you please send me the .blend also. Thanks.

(Billiam) #17

If you want to translate a japanese web site you can try . They’ve got free web translation from Japanese to English with the added feature of displaying the web page in it’s original japanese with the english translation beneath it.

The translation isn’t incredible, but it’s the best I’ve found so far. It can give you an idea of what they are doing at Lowpoly Club, the link is through