Anime style test(NPR)

Hello everyone, this is my NPR test. Rendered by 3d model

Very nice! I’m curious, how do you get the eyebrows and eyes to render over the hair? The hair isn’t transparent, right?

You got the style right, but for some reason, the eyes are a bit too big.

It looks great! I’d just suggest making the eyes smaller and perhaps making the hair a little more dome-shaped. But apart from that it looks nice! The shaders are good too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try.

thank you,I think so

That’s much better than before.

Thank you very much.

Yeah.The hair is not transparent.

This is the difference between different materials

After re-editing


After re-editing[ATTACH=CONFIG]516275[/ATTACH]

Looks great! Keep it up!

Thank you.I will use it to draw comics.

excellent! :slight_smile: was the materials just the default toon shader or did you use other nodes, like geometry and vector math nodes for toon shader? Also, how did you get the specular highlights to show on the toon shader?

It‘s not default toon shader.I created complex nodes for generating shadows.At least more than 100 nodes.

Holy heck that’s a clean shadow!