Animixcz animated short film

Hello there!

We have done our first animated short film via blender and other free software.

We will be like if u enjoy our work and leave some reply.

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Very good!

I like the design of the robots, but to me it felt a bit lost after the point when the suicidal robot was spared from being hit by the train.
In fact, you should have made the train bigger in relative to the size of the robot. It showed the flyer and it ran to the animation studio? Was it looking for a job?

I like your comment,
maybe u r right about the scale of the train :smiley: in a fact i didnt noticed it to now u were mentoin it, but its really helpful to the future.
Also we know about the weak story after the train act :frowning: Robot spotted the job recruitment on the paper laying on the ground and suddenly ran to the animation studio :smiley:

i like it. it makes me ask: what is my toaster doing while i watch the movie.