is anyone here a fan of the book series called Animorphs?
if not then its about 5 kids out to save the world from an invation by aliens

I used to read those with alarming frequency. I don’t read them anymore though… I outgrew them.

I loved the Andalites… I drew a few comics of them when I was in third grade (the Animorphs were at their peak popularity around then.) They were pretty popular with the rest of the class. One was called “The End of Visser Three,” where visser 3 got his eye stalk cut off by a laser beam. I’m not sure why that killed him, but it did. Oh well. Another one had some Andalites get captured and taken to a zoo belonging to the Skrit Na…

ooh… i remember that series!

i outgrew them a while ago…


I used to read those too. My favorite was probably the Ellimist Chronicles one.


i still read them ever now and then, i normaly read the entire collection every year. i’m thinking about trying to model the charicters and ships

I remember my sister always telling me how good those books were.

I`m not sure but I think that they made a television series from the books because I think I remember watching something called the animorphs once.

ya they made a show but it totally sucked

I used to read them… the little CG illustrations on the inside cover was the inspiration for me to learn 3d actually :slight_smile: at the time I thought it was so cool to look “CG”, although now I realize it was just pretty crappy lighting that caused the look :slight_smile: and I too have long outgrown the series. I would like to figure out a good way to animate the morph sequence though :stuck_out_tongue:

i think it can be done by RVK but it would take a long time

I didn’t know she made one! If I had still been reading them at the time, I certainly would have read it. But my interest ended not long after “The Hork-Bajar Chronicles,” so I never read or heard of that one.

A friend of mine used to have heated arguments with me over how “Hork-Bajar” was to be pronounced. I thought it was “Hork-BaJAR” and he said it was “Hor-BaHEER”

the best books in my opinion were the final 4

Hmm, I guess I’m the only one here who really didn’t like them. But at that point I was into Lord of the Rings, Dune and some Stephan Donaldson books, so they might have been somewhat boring.

Yes, anyone who was reading “real” SF at that time would probably have found them pretty childish.

Well they did have a reading level of 4, didn’t they? That means 4th grade, which is 9- and 10-year-olds.


they have a reading level of 5 but that doesn’t change the fact that i still like to read them even though i’m about to graduate. there ending is a lot like the LOTR ending. its not a happily ever after but things have changed and it will not be the same cause:

Rachel is dead
Tom is dead
jake lives with his parents and almost never shows his face
marco is a millionare (of course)
cassie has a boyfriend that is not jake
tobias disappers and blames jake for rachels death
ax becomes a war prince

I’m a fan of so-called “young adult fiction,” and I did enjoy thumbing a few of those books, but they got very predictable. The basic notion of being able to morph is interesting, but it just doesn’t carry a story by itself.

I was way into them until about number 30, i started reading other things and when i tried to return i forgot everything that happened. They were pretty entertaining, but i could read one in like 1-2 hours, so it wasn’t much of a read.


Darnit… there goes my only motivation to finish the series… :smiley: No… really… I was going to finish it sometime. O.k. Maybe… not. I started it in 2nd grade, got to book #32 and gave up on the series. Now, I’m reading imported pulp sci-fi… e.g. Cowboy Bebop… Nonetheless, it was a good series and it got me through elementrary school w/out too much pain…


well at the end rachel becomes a blood thursty, war loving maniac

So at least it has a happy ending. LOL. I read them all. They were really great. Oh, and just cause the reading level was 5, doesnt mean it wasnt a good series. Green Eggs and Ham is a classic and we all know that the reading level for that is…yeah. So to judge something by its reading level is pretty stupid. Also the Bible is a reading level for like 8th graders… Just F.Y.I