AnimSys2 Windows build?

Just being curious whether there is somewhere available Blender AnimSys2 Windows build. I see only Linux build in

Thank very much for any information where Windows build can be downloaded.

I would like to test it to give coders good feedback.


If no-one uploads one, it looks like I’ll have to try and upload my own working builds. I wanted to avoid doing so to cut back on bandwidth usage here (damned broadband monthly-caps). If one doesn’t appear in the next few days, I’ll consider uploading just the compressed binary :slight_smile:


Aligorith, thank you very much in advance.

Yah… I’d do a build, but don’t have the time to make everything work with the new build stuff…

macouno: You’d be pleased to know that I’ve elected to keep the scons 1.x changes out of this branch for now, as otherwise I don’t see compiler warnings (which is not good). Until that situation changes in trunk, those changes will stay out of this branch.

Thank you Aligorith. Guess I should learn to build myself experimenting branches builds.
Macouno, do not hesitate to let us no if you build it.Thank you very much.

doesn’t seem to be much public info on this, apart from the svn upload comments:;a=log;h=svn/animsys2

OK, I have learned something new and built the Windows build of recent AnimSys2 by myself:

Feel free to upload it to as well.

I was about to post asking for a Windows build, and was happy when a search turned up this thread – but the above link is dead!

A reupload (or new build, if there have been updates?) would be much appreciated!

Tried building myself using a tutorial at Code Freakz, but MinGW is too large for my puny connection. (I’ve got no idea what it takes, but an Automated Build at Graphicall would be dreamy!)

bunny, there is other thread where you can find all stuff relating to AnimSys2 coding and new, including recent build:

Ah, there it is! Thanks, JiriH!

(This branch should have a dedicated thread!)

What is AnimSys2 ? What is improved compare to current animation tools?