How would you even begin to make one of these?

My initial thought would be to do it something like this: :wink:

Here’s the blend file.

ball-instrument.blend (1.18 MB)

You can add your own music to it - the drums being played later on in the clip are easier to do than this bit, so this should give you a good starting point. Obviously timings and notes would need to be tweaked to suit your chosen music, but you get the idea I hope. :smiley:

Cheers, Clock.

PS I have just noticed that I had closed off the tops of the cones - you can just delete the faces…:o

Hmmm 5 days and no response from the OP - not good. :mad:

Did you try this yet?

How would you even begin to make one of these?

You begin with music and visualization. The music chosen in the example is quite literal in sound; a string, a drum. So, to make short film, one needs to imagine what object will make that sound. Make a list. Try to picture image of those things playing to gather. Be imaginative! Play with it. Think about it. Draw it. Do whatever comes to you. Sleep on it. And then in the morning you wake up with a vision!