Anipattern? #1

Hello everybody,

yes, I know, this is quite an odd name, but it is linked with a work I’m doing now at university. Please take a look (it’s only 46 secs) and give some feedback, in order to improve future versions.:smiley:



Very Cool :cool:, I like how you use both smooth transitions and staggered transitions in the animation, the music was good, but around the middle the whole thing just switches to a different location/pattern wich was a bit weird, and maybe add some color :eyebrowlift2:.
Good job :).

Woah! that was sick, awesome use of arrays. Music was great too!

awesome! loving the 2d-ness of it. cool concept, nice transitions and flow.

Wow… array modifier at its best. I like how it wasn’t just repeating the same patterns; always something different. The only thing I don’t like (for some reason) is when you see the whole grid of the things. Kind of ruins it, like you can see ‘behind the scenes’ if you know what I mean.:confused:
Edit: Ah, i know the description I was looking for. When you can’t see the limit of the objects, it has a nice infinite feel, like you’re seeing just one part of some huge machine. And then when you see the all of it at once, it’s like, oh, that’s all there is, it’s just that grid of things moving around. … enh, it’s hard to describe.

Ok, that’s really a good point, thanks. In my next animation I will be more careful about this aspect:eyebrowlift:.

@all: thanks for your appreciation!