ANİSCULPT İmport from maya and obje comes to Blender ,when press play nothing moves

Hi ,İts really amazing tool for animators but We have a problem with anisculpt ,were making the animation than selecting the poly objects and press to export model and cache ,so it makes the calculation and adding the datas to c temp folder.after this, in blender we are executing the script ,every think is okey but when we import with ofsetting to 1, model comes to scene but after pressing to play nothing moves.model is stops like model:).so what is our mistake.
Thanks for All

In a couple weeks will be a new beta version of anisculpt script only for maya, no need to export to blender, all in Maya. Maya don’t have a realy scupt tools but not too bad. The sculpt tools of blender are one o the best the thing on blender.


Hello there,

I have been having trouble getting the cache from Maya to Blender, but then i just saw your thread here. Is there a beta version out now of anisculpt in Maya? Im doing a short film and would love to use this in my pipeline. Thanks in advance for all your hardwork!