Anisculpt script in 2.53: Broken?

So I just found and the anisculpt script he developed (yea, just a couple years late but w/e). I’ve tried the script in 2.49b and it works fine, but in 2.53 I get a syntax error. Aren’t 2.49b and 2.53 built on the same version of Python? I know I don’t ‘need’ the script to use the anisculpt technique but I heard that it fixes the posed-crazy-space sculpting issues.

Slightly a side note, is there a way to make blendshapes of a multires object? I have a 1.5 mil poly sculpt but I need to animate it morphing into another shape.


2.49 and 2.5 use different versions of python. Scripts written for 2.49 will generally not work in 2.5 without being updated.

There is working version for Blender 2.5 but not for the 2.53 beause the blender-python is still in changes,
when this pocess end i will rewrite the script

for Blender 2.5:


Ok, good to know. I was under the impression that 2.49b and 2.53 were both built on Python 2.6.

Pepeland: awesome, I’m looking forward to it… great technique btw, absolutely brilliant!