Anisculpted Anitextured Short

Working on a short, first time poster, hope to be on here , like, forever.

couple of screen shots, lighting is temporary, didnt ge there yet. Textures are also temporary, I was tired of looking at all the gray.

As you can see the camera has some anisculpting in it. I plan to do ton of this on here.

First, let me say, welcome fellow East-Texan (I grew up in Huntsville!).

Second, that looks really cool. The scene is intriguing, as is the anisculpt. I can’t wait to see what more comes out of it.

Can’t wait for final version! very nice design.

not done, but i’m adding rectangles that extrude around all the sides. All keyframeable.

Thanks!! I can’t wait, I have ideas just rushing through my head :slight_smile:

Thank you by the way, and Huntsville?? I’ve been there on multiple occasions for school sports a couple of years back, nice to see others from our area of the world!