Anita's Sketchbook

Latest attempt at a human head.

I loved the 80s Transformer cartoon as a kid. Kind of weird seeing a resurgence of all the stuff I enjoyed from back then popping up again lately. :0

Yeah it’s like everything old is new again and now we can make it for ourselves :slight_smile: They also want me to make Iron Man but that’s beyond my modeling capabilities no matter how much they whine at me. Would be fun to try though.

Rendered out a separate blue, red, and silver and then cropped and put into Photoshop to make the wallpaper with techniques in the thread. Should’ve been a bit brighter though but that’s okay. That’s done and I’m off to do other things now.

Cowdogunny! Yeah bout the stoooopidest thing I’ve done today. At least the armature works and it has materials and eyeballs. Definitely doesn’t warrant it’s own thread.

Don’t ask it was my first test with the skin modifier.

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Looks like it’d make some good sausage.


@Anita: love the last edge render! :smiley:

LOL @xrg snausages :wink:

Thanks Vicky :slight_smile:

My first attempt at a human base mesh using the skin modifier.

My main problem is the feet. For some reason they look small to me. I realize that the fingers have small issues as well.

But so far so good.

Was looking in my WIP folder and found this relatively easy to finish wallpaper.

At least it gives me another 3d background to look at aside from the usual stuff I’ve got rotating for my desktop.


I realize I spelled the wrong word for holey in the file.

A bowl of olives with terrible materials. Can’t get them to look right.

I’m more of an object modeler than organic. Hopefully I’ll be able to do both someday.

Modeled a pair of high heeled boots. Not happy with how the heel came out which is hard when you only have a reference image of the side and none on the front and back. But at least this WIP I had from over a year ago is finished. I might save off a second copy so I can take it into sculpting and see if I can’t get some folds in it.

Been wrestling with this one for a while now. I had a subsurf on it but it makes the bottom look all wrong. Creasing makes the mesh look odd so I’m not sure how others have done it. Still not sure if i’m handling this correctly. I won’t be doing the suit just the helmet.

I needed a bit of a break from Spartan Gear so I had fun with particles and the node editor. Enjoy :slight_smile:

And now for something completely silly. Started watching the Geometric Assets tutorial then got what I needed then went on my own. I present…The Purple Lake Monster! AAAAAAHHHHH!

anita, the olives material is missing a subtle bump map. load one via a texture, and plug into color and glossy node. adjust strength, so its hardly noticable. it will make a big differenz…
and your question in the yellow mask model, post#13, the subsurf modifier is controled by edge loops. so, if it smoothes away an edge or corner you want keep, do not crease the edge (this gives in most cases wrong result on organic shapes) , but add a parallel edge, the closer you push this new edge loop to the one you want keep in shape, the better it holds. this way, by slidingvthe edge loop closer or farther away, you can finetune the amount of sharpness of your edge… if words are not clear, let me know and i make afew pictures…

Thanks Doris I’ll try that with the olives. And the extra edge loops on the mask makes sense. I’ll go back in and see if I can’t do just that. That helmet has been rather frustrating to say the least just for that part. Just got the edge loops and it looks a lot better. I just have to take care of some material issues with the subsurf but good to go. I’ll redo the render once I get that problem taken care of. I just have to remember where I saw the fix at.

Thanks again it was very helpful.

Soooo it’s been a really loooong time since I’ve been over here (July 2013) and finally got back into doing 3d work. I’m on a really crappy monitor so I can’t really tell if the colors on this latest render works or not. To me it looks a bit washed out (but the monitor does that on its own). I really need to get a new one.

This is the tutorial I followed though it didn’t go over the glass on the watch face at all and I spent most of the day getting just that part to look right. All done in the BI.

Checking out the poke tool. I don’t like the shape of my decanter nor the composition but I’m learning. I plan to revisit this image again and improve it. Rendered in the BI.

I made this Friday and it took nearly all day to render out the frames for the video. The textures are terrible but I’m happy with the result. Followed the tutorial on the Blender Guru site I blogged about my experience at