Anmisto's sketchbook

hello evry1 i’m 14 and i thought i would show some of the stuff i have been working on will be 15 this year though

well here’s a first in mypaint this is my first drawing in mypaint i dont have a tablet so i use only a mouse and a keyboard

it was a quickie



some more random stuff not done now

gimp,ps and mouse

the ipod is incomplete


more stuff

as always

gimp alchemy and mouse


more stuff

as always

gimp alchemy ps and mouse


oh and c & c are appreciated

Get pen and paper and search on this forum the stiky with the books and draw on papare and practice more. Don`t use a mouse , get a tablet an wacom bamboo pen it is 100$

yea i practice a lot more on paper and am better of at it but heres the thing i’m just 14 and my parents wont let me buy one

well i thought i would start all over again the digital painting from the start so i made this a cube with some shadows and back


well i have done some traditional stuff on paper but no scanner infortunately so have to take a pic of it will be posting them soon

time for some pencil and paper i am currently learning anatomy and trying to follow the comic boook style well my fav comic book artist is jim lee

some more pencil and paper stuff

pencil and paper again

well i got bored and caught some photos some are old aswell but they look nice so uploading them here and caught with my sony 14.1 megapixel camera

some more pics

Hey anmisto! Cool stuff. Its better than mine :slight_smile:

oh come on guys! wheres the feedback? well the human anatomies aren’t that bad, best tip i can offer it to look at this web page, scroll down and you’ll find the part on human anatomy, but the whole thing is helpful. :slight_smile: also look at the link tyrant monkey provided in my Sketchbook topic. :yes:

hey thanks for the comment john well i already have the whole anatomy sets of burne hogarth and loomis just trying work on it

oh and the link is quite useful

n update a new one this one is focused on anatomy of the hand not the rest i think i have got the anatomy of the hand

not bad, the head is a little small, and the shoulder on the right side is down to far along the arm, but it’s good. :slight_smile:

keep practicing! I know I am!