ANN: Water ripples plugin.

With the kind help of several forum members, I have finished the “water” plugin.


  1. You can create ripples of all kinds that look very convincing.
  2. You can “wobble” them with animatable noise.
  3. You can control the frame-range of the effect.
  4. Fully animated.

You can download it at these sites:

I don’t want to make a big deal about this. It’s fun, a nice effect and I learned from it.

There is one last ‘bug’ that I can see and that is you can’t use the texture more than once in a blend file. This should not be a problem, but I will look into it when I have time to revisit the plugin code.

All c & c welcome.

With thanks to Blender Foundation for their hard work and for recently helping me with an e-shop issue.

The second link is a 404 error. It looks like you need .html on the end of the link.

Looks nice.

:expressionless: fixed. thx.

It would be good if you created a way to sinc the drops with the ripples because at the moment it looks a bit cheesy.

I’m not sure what you mean.
The ‘drops’ are merely bright areas that then get smoothed over time - this appears as the ripples. So, in my book, they are synced.

Sure, it’s from an old effect - it’s not true water or even an attempt at simulating water - it’s a fluke effect that looks kinda like ripples and you can make it as convincing or as cheesy as you like.

Go see the avi’s and mpg’s on

looks cool. Has anyone tried combining it with particles?

It’s not exactly pro, but as you know Modron, I am still trying to unwrap meshes for texturing :wink: