Anna, Female model (Prude alert-Nudity)

so, i’ve been working on a female character for a little sci fi animation and as there seems to be an influx of female models coming in to the forum at the moment, i thought i’d join in :slight_smile:

so heres Anna. mostly i have the face how i like other than a few tweaks around the mouth that just showed up in the render, and the front of the body is just about done.

i’ll be starting on the arms next, i want to get the musculature modeled in before i start on the hands.

hope you like her, comments and advices are welcome :slight_smile:

Riht now is quite ugly but she has a nice waist and belly, it took me weeks to avhieve that :smiley:

The head should be more triangular pointed towards the chin for a female model; The shoulders are also a little too square. has some good info on differences between male and female skeletons.

The head should be more triangular pointed towards the chin for a female model; The shoulders are also a little too square. has some good info on differences between male and female skeletons.
normally yes, but my photo reference the model has a nice rounded chin which i am trying to capture, i may narrow it a little and see if it makes her look any better. but that will come later as i go into a more detaileld tweaking.

i had some trouble wit hthe arms as my stupid reference girl has her arms practically by her side, i had to do a bit of adjusting once i had got the basic shape, but i am about to work on the arms now so i will fix those up at the same time.

i really wasn’t happy with her jawline as it was just round and had no definition, and you were right about the triangular shape, even with a rounded lower face it still comes in as if it were going to a piont. I spent some time trawling though pictures of womens heads to get an idea how the jaw attaches, as i figured for some reason it connected just behind the ear, whereas it is actually just in front, so i have spent a bit of time adjusting that.

it still needs some work as there is a kind of dimple that needs smoothing out and the adjustments have messed up the throat area. i also lifted her face up a little as she was kind of slumped whish has moved her eyes somewhat. i thought i had put them back but they appear to need more work in the render, oh well she will keep me busy tomorrow. :slight_smile:


again more tweaking needed, but i’ll do that once i reattach them to the body.
does anyone know a good way to do the nails?

There is something very strange about this model and I can’t quite put my finger on it. She looks quite alien. You’ve done a great job with her body, however I feel her face really needs some work in the proportional department
Some things I can point out:

  1. Her head is much to wide
  2. Her facial features are very large compared to her head (Where is her forehead?)
  3. Her eyes are too far apart
  4. Her eyeballs are much too far inset.
  5. Neck is too curved. Real necks are much more straight
    As I said though, there is just something wrong about her… I don’t quite know. I think she just needs a few proportional tweaks and then you’ll have a really really nice model.

Good luck!

  1. still too wide? mm ok, i already pushed it in a bit, maybe it does need some more.
  2. forehead is definatly in need of some attention, its been buggujng me for a while now!
  3. eyes yes i am aware of the eyes, i made some adjustments to the size and angle of the head and as the eyes arn’t yet parented to the head i had to re adjust them. i only noticed them being too far back when i did the test render. they should be ok now.
    5.i’ll look at a few more references for the neck, i kind of see what you mean, but, um lol!

any way the base model is complete, i have decided i dislike modeling Feet more than ears! I just need to go through and make the adjustments to the headand face before i start on the inside of the mouth and teeth. She will then be ready for texturing.

as i have never done a human texture before i decided that i should really get a bit of practice projection painting. This is not intuitive at all and all the tutorials i could find are from version 2.49 and earlier. finally figured out kind of how its done, but i guess i will need a bit more practice. anyway here’s the results of my first complete projection paint attempt!

the head i used is just a scrap head from an old cg cookie tutorial, its a freak i know, i dont care, its a spare head for practicing stuff on, not interested in critiques of the spare head!
comments on the projection paint are welcomed though!

The widest point of a female’s hips is level with the crotch. You currently have the widest point much higher than that, at the top of the pelvis. Also the eyeline is close to the center of the head. Someone has already mentioned a missing forehead. Is your render perspective or orthographic? A side view is more accurate than a front view for lining up features vertically.

i am not sure what you mean, the widest point of a female pelvis is at the top, the width at the crotch is due to the leg bones and surrounding muscle. i have done a skeletal overlay and the hips are pretty much accurate.

the render is done in perspective view. i think i have a reasonable side portrait to reference from now, the one i use to model from was at a bit of a poor angle (she was kind of looking downward, which has caused the issues with the forehead. my own fault for going for pretty over pose :confused: )
looking at the overlays i can see what folk are meaning about the head being too wide, wierd because the studio references i have line up accuratly

so, having taken current suggestions on board i have re proportioned the head and i’ve done some extensive work repairing the eyes and attempting to get the facial shape looking more human. i still have some issues that have made themselves known in this latest render. the cheeks look a little bit weird, and she seems a little lumpy in certain places so i’ll fix those up again tomorrow. i’ll also give her some teeth and a tongue and i think if no one has any objections i’ll start to get her textured.

does the head look a little large compared to the shoulders?

I want to make decent eyes and i cant.How about a topology view? lol.
I would definetly not hit on her, at least with the lights on

gee, thanks :frowning:

any hoo i have the completed base mesh down, and rendered a quick turn table so i can get some feed back on the actual body of the model, though i can see a few spots that need reworking already

ignore the eyes…:confused:

I think her arms are a bit short.

yes i think you could be right there. i’ll work on that.

eyes are easy. heres the wires you wanted:D

Are you loling me? :smiley: i meant the eyes, what we understand for an eye lol.Not the eyeballs im quite stupid but not that much lol lol lol

Face needs major improvement. Here’s a paintover of your current face and another female face.
Overall head size does need to decrease, too.

Body is fine with me, although I agree her arms do need a bit more length and thickening.

great. this is, exellent feedback. i have tried to compose the face according to the proportional rules but i think the 5 eyes wide rule is flawed, i dont think i have seen a face with an exta eyes width before. but that is the cause of the fault where you indicate the head needs to come in. so i will fix that up.

i’ll bring the angle of the jaw up, i spent enough time actually defining it since the first post, i kind of missed it wasnt quite flowing right.

i have had quite a bit of trouble actually visualising the cheek on the model, i can see it in the pictures but translating that to the model has been mentally odd!

i’m not sure about the ears though, i mean i know they are too far back, but i havn’t found a decent reference guide for a natural location. i guess i could just measure a head.

thanks for the great feedback :smiley:

you asked for eyes? lol. i’ll post a proper wire once the model is finished

OK when its finished then.I’ll wait for the inspiration

For the ears, here you go:

The top of the ear generally starts in the where the eye is. This varies with each person but generally I would say in the middle of the eye is a good guideline. It ends in the space between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose.
The bottom of the ear connects to the jawline.
If you were to draw a straight line from the centre point at the top of the head and dropped it straight down to the bottom of the neck, the ear would be right in the middle of the line. (This is assuming that the head is standing straight and neck is not slouched etc)

Hope this helps

EDIT: Also, the eye rule is hard to understand, but hopefully this will make it easier.
I tend to go by this pic.
Here you go

Notice that the “5 eye” rule includes the distance between the side of the head and the edge of the ear, bear that in mind.

I would also make sure you are editing your model in orthographic mode and utilizing the front and side view modes. It makes things like proportions easier to follow.

I think you would also benefit from adding in some background images to Blender to work from while modelling if you haven’t done so already.

And finally, do remember that these things are just guidelines. Not every human face is the same and I think it’s kind of cute that Anna does look a bit like an alien. I would try not to make her super proportionally perfect, to keep some character to her.

Good luck

well, my deadline (self imposed) for modelling is almost up and i think i have got just about everything that i want. its by no means perfect but its about ready to unwrap and texture.

i have no idea how to do a proper wire frame render but heres a couple of screen shots of the wires.