Annan harbour and Solway Firth

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Next route is Annan harbour on the Scottish side towards the head of the Solway Firth. Part of the details from site and will add small screenshot - Route should be online later today.
Use any of the routes or any of the content at your own risk as regards possible computer lock-ups, or loss of data, etc.
Perhaps make back-ups of any important files and scan files for any possible viruses or malware.
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Descriptions, measurements, dates, content, might be approximate or guesswork.

Roaming camera keys are home/end and arrow keys.
Drivable vessels wasd, tfgh, ijkl
Animations and preset vessel movements keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
The boat had an invisible collision box around it.
The collision box stretches from the top of the vessel, down the sides to the waterline.
The base of the collision box is at the waterline of the vessel.
The water sheet has an up-down movement of about a meter to simulate wave swell.

Solway - river and port Annan
One drivable sailing flat, at stone quays at Annan - ijkl.
The other drivable sailing flat is at the far head of the Solway Firth at Rockcliffe on the river Eden. wasd
You may need to reverse the vessel between the floating barges.

In real time reversing is very slow for a sailing vessel.
Preset routes from wood pier to the stone quays at Annan harbour, key 1 to start it, key 2 starts the other sailing-flat from wood pier at the mouth of the river Annan across the Solway FIirth to where Port Carlisle and canal to Carlisle was to be built c1819.
I try to set the actual speed in relation to real time…so maybe 5 to 10 miles an hour for sailing-flats, much less in reverse. More for schooners to come later.

Extract or drag the route folder from the zip file.
There are 3 items blend file (route), textures folder, readme.
Open the blend file.
Next Either method…
With mouse pointer over window press key P.
or tab ‘game/start game engine’.

I have put the Annan route on-line .

P.S. Further posts re. routes back to work in progress part 3

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