Annotation tool shortcut not working with 3D cursor tool

I can hold D to draw annotations while having any tool selected other than the 3D cursor tool. Is there some reason for this to happen or should I report it as a bug. It’s annoying for me, because I want the cursor tool to be the active one almost all the time.

Problems is that both shortcuts are referring to Left Press.
That produces a conflict.
You can change shortcuts.

If you set 3DCursor active tool shortcut to Left Click instead of Left Press, it will work.
Only problem is that 3D Cursor will not be under mouse pointer when you drag it.

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Ah, thanks a lot. That makes sense. It also solved my problem. Funny thing though: I changed ‘place cursor’ to shift+left press and now I can draw with D+left press and drag the cursor with left press, while shift+left press does the same as left click (place cursor, no dragging) If this is a bug, don’t fix it. This is exactly what I want :slightly_smiling_face: