Annotations occluded by objects, not x-ray?

Annotations in the viewport are useful, because there are lots of times when you need to just quickly mark something up without setting up a grease pencil object, and can use them in any mode.

However… if you are doing something like, say, drawing on a character to show where an article of clothing will go, or where to cut a mesh, the fact that annotations are always in front makes it hard to see what you are doing. Is there a way to have annotations.

For example, if I draw an annotation all the way around the surface of a sphere…
What I get:

What I’d like:

I’m sorry if it’s just right in an obvious option somewhere, but I’ve looked and can’t find anything, and google has been no help. If I just can’t do it, that’s fine, I’d just love to know that definitively. If not I’m sure I can sort of get what I want by using multiple layers.

Thank you!

Bump, need to know this too!


This can be done with annotations programmatically. To my knowledge there’s nowhere currently in the front end UI to do this for annotations though. Copy this line, go to the Scripting workspace, paste this in the console (place where you see >>) and press Enter.['Annotations'].layers[0].show_in_front = False

Or this to change all existing annotation layers.

for layer in['Annotations'].layers: layer.show_in_front=False

p.s. Word ‘Annotations’ - is name of your annotations group, it also can be GPencil
layers[0] - will disable only first layer, change number to [1] or [2] for disabling other layers


Wait, there seriously isn’t a way in the front end for annotations to be occluded by a mesh?