Annoucement :, a collaborative rendering farm based on Yafaray, enters i

Dear all,

As part of my studies I recently built a destkop grid engine called naclgrid. To test its efficiency I decided to build a distributed version of Yafaray ( on top of it and I finally set up a web service to promote this distributed version : is a kind of marketplace for CPU power : on one hand some people submit their Yafaray rendering job and on the other hand people with idle computers share their CPU to render the pictures.

It’s quite easy to submit a job : all you have to do is to upload an archive (let’s say a gzipped tar archive) containing the xml Yafaray export file and the textures, or even the raw files.

It’s even easier to participate : you can contribute simply by opening up a web page when you leave your computer. It requires the Google native client, a plugin for Firefox, and it is the safest way to share your CPU (as the Google native client guarantees that the remote code will not compromise your system). You can also use a standalone client.

This service is in its early development stage; it has been working fine for over a month in a closed environment so it’s now time for new users to try it out!

Help yourself : everything is on, and do not hesitate to ask any question on the dedicated Google group at ! (or directly by email at [email protected]).

Any feedback will be very much appreciated!

All the best,

William Le Ferrand

No suitable plugin found when going to the web page. Ubuntu Linux Karmic Kola Firefox 3.5.3

there is starting to have a lot of those renderfarm like that out there. it’s too bad each one of you start it’s on, it’s just splitting power when unifying all of them would be more efficient for anyone, bigger community, bigger cpu power, faster render, more renderer, …

I’ve already been testing vswarm for a month, I cannot subscribe to all the renderfarm… :frowning: