Announce: Crystal Space Free 3D Engine

Crystal Space ( is an Open Source and portable 3D Engine Framework that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X. Crystal Space is written in C++ and we support many modern features like vertex and fragment shaders, stencil shadows, lightmaps, physics using the ODE physics library, skeletal animation using the CAL3D animation library, 3D sound and a lot more.

In addition to Crystal Space there is also the Crystal Entity Layer project ( which is a game entity layer on top of Crystal Space. Together Crystal Space and Crystal Entity Layer form a powerful combination to make any kind of 3D game (MMORPG, FPS, RTS, …).

Crystal Space supports Blender and 3DsMax for level and model editing. Several of the core projects using Crystal Space and Crystal Entity Layer are:

For some time now we are running a donation campaign to try to raise a bit of money for a new computer that would help us develop Crystal Space on Linux and also improve Crystal Space development in general (i.e. it would give us easy access to valgrind again which is an extremely useful tool to debug problems in any kind of program). At this moment we’re only $250 (USD) short of the required money for the computer we have in mind. If you want to help us with this goal then you can visit the Project Donations page ( for more details about possible ways to donate to us or you can go directly to the Crystal Space Donations Page at (requires PayPal or payment through credit card).

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

Project manager of Crystal Space and Crystal Entity Layer.
Support the Free Crystal Space 3D Engine! Donate at Crystal Space Donation Page