announced about 5 min ago STEAM OS !

i think the world is slowly moving to linux

This must be the Steam Box operating system.
I wonder what Canonical says about this, after Steam has used Ubuntu for promotion.
After all Canonical plans were also arriving at the TV.

It certainly sounds cool but I wonder if it will really generate more gaming towards Linux. Even though it’s based on Linux it doesn’t sound like this SteamOS will be open-source, which is probably the reason Valve can promise so many AAA games coming to the SteamOS in the future.

How does that work? Are they writing their own version of the Linux code? Because as far as I know the Linux kernel is GPL, meaning that they can commercialise is, sure, but not close-source it. And you’re not exactly ‘taking advantage of the Linux architecture’ if you aren’t using the kernel.

But yeah, curious to see where this’ll go.

I dont think it will be based on ubuntu.
Ubuntu has been pretty crappy with the last few releases. They keep doing stuff to it that makes things utterly unstable. The Unity desktop is still full of buggy annoyances, the hardware compatibility is horrible. Ubuntu is the only distro switching to MIR , while everyone else is moving to wayland.
Basing it on ubuntu would be pretty silly atm, because there are too many ubuntu-specific bugs and problems.

I am glad they are doing their own spin on linux. It gives me hope for a good alternative to ubuntu, where things just work without having to deal with a 10 page fix it yourself wiki.
The best part is that they actually contribute to the driver stack on linux and opengl - this benefits all distros, not just ubuntu.

The linux kernel will be open source of course. But on top of it they can use proprietary drivers and a DE, among other things.
It will be “free” forever. But not in the libre sense

Moving to Linux?, I wish that was true. But in case you Haven’t looked at this your find you need a windows PC to play windows games, there just streamed to the dumb node. You will be able to play games direct on the device Im sure, but only one’s coded to do so, hence no high powered engines (all based from dx currently). Im in the process of building a top of the line rendering engine for open platforms that’s REALLY an alternative to windows and dx, Stay the F*** out my way Valve. The Indies need to Eat! :slight_smile:

I’m not that bothered about computer games… yeah, they are a valid medium and the ultimate combined artform of our age, but I don’t really have the skills to play them.

I AM interested to see if they optemise for Blender.

And what you’re building as well, 3DLuver?
PS - where abouts in the UK are you? I’m in Sheffield.

I would say they are more than just a valid medium. The game industry brings in more annual revenue than the film, tv and music industries combined, for their primary market. Hollywood is starting to embrace real time rending for film making in order to cut down on post production costs and interactive media has been growing as the best form of education. There are even medical benefits associated with the mental exercise created by games.

When you look at the bigger picture, there is a lot to be excited about. =)

Yeah, Sainthaven, I did go on to say that they are the ulimate combined artform of our age.

However I think I should be more clear: I have a lot of respect for video games, but I don’t enjoy playing them very much.

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hello guys…
i am still waiting for new laytest technologies.

Well I hope that this is just stupid hoax… but according to :

Although not confirmed by Valve, we’ve been told that Steam OS is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

I think Valve may be stepping back from the hardware side of this, since they laid off most of their hardware folks, including the chap who was in charge of the controller thingy. This will allow them to work with tv and other hardware makers to include SteamOS in future components, like DVD/Blu-Ray players (which already have tons of pre-installed apps). Think about it… you go to buy a cheap Blu-Ray player so you can watch your collection of movies, then discover that you can also purchase and play games without having to spend an extra $400, as with an XBox or Playstation. It may even come with some sort of controller as part of the package, replacing the remote control. It’s genius really. It will be like Valve is printing money.

What you said doesnt imply success, just sentimental mumbo jumbo. The point I was making in response to your post is there is a lot to be excited about with this outside of games as well. I didnt understand the logic of saying you dont like games, so it implied you needed something more to be excited about…even when it comes to content creation and consumption. Steam’s workshop has already had more than 9 million dollars total divided out to developers for their content, and by developers I mean those who use apps like blender to make stuff for current games which individuals are willing to buy.

It’s a bit more than 5min ago now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what I think about this. I don’t really think that it would move more people to linux (except for this OS) because anyone who is moving over would be doing it for Steam OS. not linux. Right?

The thing about Ubuntu’s releases is that each one has a slightly different mentality. The LTS releases are always designed for stability, and they don’t take risks with massive changes to their previous configurations. It’s more focused for the risk-adverse enterprise market, and it’s a good choice as a base for SteamOS.

The Unity desktop is still full of buggy annoyances

It’s silly to think that SteamOS will use Unity. I think it will boot up directly into Steam’s big picture mode, just like all the XBMC distros do. The whole experience is designed to be used exclusively with a gamepad in a living room, not a keyboard and mouse.

Valve has said that it`s 100% open and you can do what you want with it.

After 7 months of work on a cross platform real-time rendering engine this scares the shiznit out me, The reason i dumped the cyrengines etc etc was because the fixed bullshit nature of the engines for the free platforms and the nasty nature of forum and staff members when questioning things (when you get told shut the … up, what you complaining about this is a free engine!, when in my eye’s a 20% fee (plus the 25% fee Valve charge to sell your project, what a joke. Hows an Indie ever supposed to make even the cost back)on any profits made mixed with the fact you need to have a complete finished project before the licensing department would even respond to your mails, with no mobile/tablet support. It became clear the time to build a new cross platform engine from scratch was the way forward. Now i have to worry about Valve trying to do to the open source games market what they did in the PC market (no Valve, I don’t want to give you 25%). The only good thing in my eye’s that could come from this is if the OS can be hacked and re branded to my advantage in the long run. Squeaky bum time!

This Vid is about 7 weeks old but havnt done any others with the latest builds (think may be necessary now), Time to get shit sorted and show what my engine can do.

you could make 20 dollars on your own
but you could make 200,000 on steam you just have to give away 25% which is still more money than you could rake in on your own

unless you have an amazing game that everyone talks about

The idea is to release the engine 90% Open source to the whole realtime community for free (to be pluged into Blender). For full source code your have to either donate a certain amount to the crowd funding project or buy a license, As part of the crowd funding project the engine release is aimed to have 3 different style game’s (Racer,Boxing/Fighter,FPS). Pay £25 get 3 games, and the full engine with code. This is why ive been asking for blender to start building a Viewport/Engine API for state tracking all scene elements like lights, models, materials etc. Ive been working on a custom Blender build as my level editor/Mod tool. With a set API interface i can target my engine for realtime use within Blender without having to write loads of heavy state tracking code specific only to my engine and benefits other users implementing their own realtime engines. Im not sure how much im going to ask for with the crowd funding total but im thinking something like £1,000,000. Id say for what your getting for £25 it’s not a bad deal, far better than any other game engine offers.

I should also add, The engine is Opengl. Works with linux, unix, windows, ios, and just finished basic opengl ES 3.0 support. You build a realtime project with my engine, you can release on any platform (including mobiles, tablets etc etc). That was the whole point of me starting this in the first place.

Steam gives you a platform with a huge userbase and provides visibility. When you launch your game on Steam, it usually is featured in the frontpage and there are a ton of people who will buy it. There are also a lot of people following Greenlight projects, and early access subcategory helps devs a lot too in continuing the development. The fee Valve asks is well worth it, if it wouldnt, devs would go to other digital distribution platforms and ignore Valve, but they dont, because Steam brings in the most cash.

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