Announcement: Art of Blender Book – Call for Entries

I am excited to announce CG Cookie’s newest project. Over the next few months we will be gathering the best Blender artwork around and compiling it into a beautifully bound, professionally printed art book that is worthy of your coffee table. The current working title is “Art of Blender – Volume 1

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Why an Art Book?
This is a project CG Cookie has wanted to do for quite some time and we feel the time is right. The Blender community is full of talented artists and we think it will be great to showcase the incredible work they produce in a way that really lets the work shine.However, this book is about more than just showcasing great artwork. We also wish to display the achievements of this great community, all built around open-source. Through the book we will be including making-of walkthroughs from top Blender artists that bring additional educational value to the book while also helping show off the accomplishments of the artists, developers, producers, and everyone else that helps make this community great.

In that light, we also want to create the art book to help further Blender’s on-going development. So 5% of each sale will be donated to the Blender Foundation development fund. The development fund helps create a sustainable environment for the progression of the Blender code-based and other projects around Blender (such as, documentation, etc). Read more about the Blender Development Fund:

Call for Entries
This book is all about the art and so we need you, the artist! Is your work of the quality featured here on the BA galleryor Blender Cookie Featured section? Use the button below to submit your best Blender artwork to us for consideration of inclusion.


What resolution should my image be?
For initial submission you may send any size that you have. However, if your image is accepted you will need to prepare a print-ready version. We will specify the exact details at that point.

Must I include my .blend file on the first submission?
No, the .blend file is not required on the initial submission.

Do I need to pay to submit an entry?
Nope! CG Cookie is taking on all costs for printing and handling of the images.

How are accepted artists compensated?
Each artist that is featured in this Blender Art Book will receive a year-long Citizen membership. Our hope is to also offer a free copy of the book to each accepted artists, but we cannot guarantee this yet, due to the high costs of production. All accepted artists will also gain exposure by being featured in the publication, which will be distributed through CG Cookie and tentatively the e-shop.

May I submit work I’ve done for a client?

You may submit client work if, and only if you have explicit, written permission from that client.

What are the specs of the final printed book?
Currently we are looking to create an 8.75″ x 11″, Portrait, Hard cover, 180-200 pages. This is subject to change as the production progresses.

What will be the final price of the book?
The book will tentatively be priced at $49.95. However, there will be a discount for all pre-orders.

May I submit more than one entry?
Yes, you may submit more than one image to be considered for the book.

May I submit an image which was created in Blender but rendered with an external render engine?
Most definitely! So long as the work is created primarily in Blender then it’s acceptable.

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