Announcement: BlenTips is up, and ready for some traffic

(Dittohead) #1

Hey folks, :smiley:

BlenTips is up, and ready for some traffic.


I need you guys to visit and download the FilePak then tell me if things are slow, things don’t work or things like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have a tip, DON’T post it in here or in the BlenTips site. e-mail it to me here:

[email protected]

Thanks and have a good one!!!

(mthoenes) #2


It took a while to load the page… not sure why.
Great idea though.

(Dittohead) #3

:-? …hrm it does take a while to load, i didn’t program the site though. servers were down last night, i think that that might be why it was slow, they still may be haveing problems. :frowning:

(MaceG) #4

MaceG second registered user!

                                    You go, dittohead!

(Nayman) #5


(CubeFan973) #6


(Dittohead) #7

you can register but it won’t do much, other than allow you to pm each other.

(dreamsgate) #8

That’s okay, I just like being registered in cool places.

(note to self, really must look into getting a life)

(luis36) #9

Bunch o…

(valarking) #10

That’s pretty cool, maybe I outta dig up my old ones and show them to you or something, I had some pretty good ones…

(Dittohead) #11

that’d be great, i’ll of course put your name on all the tips that are yours. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: 8) 8)

(Wilco) #12

I flashed over and made a bookmark. This could become very interresting. Way to go!
:smiley: :wink:

(Schlops) #13

Hey ditto cool idea, but why do you use phpBB? IMHO a CMS like postNUKE would be the better solution:

  • You can categorize tips (Material, Mesh, Animation…)
  • Comments are also possible
  • One page less to start
  • ???

(Dittohead) #14

true but i’ve used phpbb before and i know how to use it.

i might convert later.

(Schlops) #15

Ahh, good to hear. :smiley: From what I can call now, postNuke is very easy to setup.