Announcement: Fan Game Policy Revision

This is the thread you’ve been waiting for.

Following discussion of the issues, our administrator has agreed to allow fan games to be posted here again. Though I will not be un-deleting any threads from the past, you are free to re-post any fan game projects which have been removed previously. New fan game projects are also welcome, of course. When posting fan games, please keep these two points in mind:

  • We cannot allow games with ripped content to be posted. If your game contains models, textures, audio, etc., extracted from a commercial game, we will not allow it to remain on the site. Using ripped assets in this way is illegal.
  • We reserve the right to delete your project thread if the copyright owner requests it. Though we now allow the posting of fan games, the copyright owner has the last word. If they ask us to remove your project, we will.

Thanks for everyone’s patience while this issue was resolved. I realize it was a long wait, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have finally brought it to a conclusion. That’s all for now. Happy posting! :cool:
– The BA Moderation Team

awesome, I can bump my thread without worrying then hahaha

Pardon my newbishness. But by fan games you mean games using “names” owned by others? Ex., a game called Super Mario Bros?

Using third party names are allowed, but not assets? So for example, I can make a game called Super Mario Bros with a character called Mario, as long as I actually make all the models and textures myself instead of ripping them?

What about the Fair Use laws? Those change a lot from country to country, what applies here?

Fan games refers simply to a game which uses concepts (names, characters, settings, etc) from others’ games. This is allowed now provided that they are your facsimiles of the originals and not the actual assets extracted from the game.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking regarding Fair Use. Could you be a bit more specific?

If a project is posted on these forums which uses copyrighted material, but it’s use is permitted by Fair Use. Ex.: someone uses copyrighted material from a game for learning and post it here for a review. Depending on which law applies, that is legal. Would it be allowed here? I’m no law expert, I have no idea which country’s laws would apply here? I know that in my country Fair Use doesn’t even exist.

Well, at the moment, we are allowing you to post your facsimiles of originals, but not originals themselves. You could, for example, make your own Sonic the Hedgehog, but not post a game with a Sonic model extracted from a commercial game.

If you’re talking about making a game for fun vs. making a game for profit, obviously the issue becomes more complicated, but since this is not a platform for selling games, you’re on your own, legally, if you decide to try to sell your Sonic game (which is probably illegal). Free fan games are probably fair use, mercenary fan games are probably not.

Great to hear :smiley: