Announcement of JMS book on Blendernation (solved)

Really, if I dreamt that one it should rank first among the “You know that you’ve blended too long when…”

I could have sworn that there was an announcement for this book made on Blendernation, not so long ago and I can’t find one for the life of me either on the RSS feed or even on the archives of the past 30 days.

Did I dream this and if so is there a good psychiatrist specializing into hyper-blenderism?

Thanks guys.


Is this it?

The only announcement I saw for it was on Zoo-Logique, or however you spell it.


OBI_Ron found it.
Now how did you do it?

Its date is September the 28th but it definitely doesn’t show on the Blendernation front page:

Was the announcement on the Zoo in English Fligh?



jms blender book

Then there must be some internal problem at Blendernation. I used their contact form to report the problem.

Thanks. I never thought of googling it! LOL I guess that I am more confident in Blendernation than in my memory…


This answer from Bart:
"Hi Jean,

we had some problems with the RSS feed; that post is not ready for publication yet. It will be in a few days, I’m sure.