Announcement - - A new resource hosting service

Hi there,

I’m pleased to announce a new hosting service called “Picfrip”:

We’re a small group of open source users an want to bring this idea of sharing contents completely to the os community.
The goal of our project is to provide complete free photos, textures, graphics and many more graphical staff (like 3D objects for Blender etc.) for private or commercial use.
However our library depends on the work of the open source community which should be willing to share their content with us and the world.
Every content will be published under the ifrOSS license for free work which is compatible to the german copyright law, because we’re Germans :wink: and the server is located in Germany.
At the starting phase, the site will be completely in German too, but translating to English is in progress and we hope to provide a multi language site in the future.

The complete startup will be today ( 2010-04-12 ) at 8:00 pm CET.
In the meantime, we have lesser content with some basic informations about this service. Just visit and stay tuned until the complete version :D.

Best regards from Germany,