Announcing Blender Artists User Portfolios 🖼

I see, ok then

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this is a useful idea
the order of the imges is atomically by the time you upload things right ?

I think #game-engine:game-engine-resources ,#game-engine:works-in-progress-and-game-demos and #game-engine:finished-games topics also should be added to portfolio @bartv

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That’s a good idea, but not technically possible right now - we can only configure one (top-)category for the portfolios.


This could be something for users who support BA via donations or Patreon.

Very nice feature. Let’s take it even further and let’s make the portfolio the default1) user profile page instead of the general summary or user activity :slightly_smiling_face:.

1) Since not everyone contributes in the artwork subcategories, you can always utilize some conditions or make it an opt-in feature.


Now that’s real nice!
Makes previewing accounts much better!

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This functionality is here to remind me of all the projects I have abandoned. :smile:


Please allow pinning of posts for more ease and focus. For example, I have three posts for a single project in Work-in-progress, focused critique, and finished project, so people will see more irrelevant information.

It makes sense to only show the ones the user wants the site to show.

Where can I change the respective settings?
The portfolio tag doesn’t seem to exist in the list of available tags (probably because it is set up in category mode already?), and I couldn’t find any customization option related to the existing portfolio either.

There are no settings yet, see:

Ah, I see, thx! Was misguided by that posting of your’s I was referring my reply to, it read like there was some kind of non-evident customization option present already. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a cool feature !

I agree with others on the fact that being able to choose what appear or not is important :slight_smile: There is this problem with old renders we don’t want in the portfolio, and also sometimes we can link images which are not ours, but it would appear on “our” portfolio as well. Also what about topics with no images ? It seems to appear as well in the portfolio, but only with title :thinking:

If you want a good example @bartv your portfolio is perfect example :joy: Spring image, and no images topics :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this new feature !
See you :slight_smile: ++

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Yeah I’m starting to lean towards switching to the tag solution. I want to figure out a few things before doing that, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Nice! what a great addition. Now I should delete previous posts to not being able to see my awful early works. hehe

We’ll probably switch to the other option where you can use a tag to select only the images you want in your portfolio. So don’t delete anything just yet :slight_smile:


Hm, how to remove old outdated works?

See the reply just above your one :slight_smile:

I love/hate this feature. It’s an instant reminder that after using Blender for 11+ years I still fairly rubbish at it.:rofl:


And same here, I look back and shake my head