Announcing Blender Artists User Portfolios 🖼

This is a welcome feature and many will like it since the best place to look for Blender artists well it’s on the Blender artist forum right!


Good addition! Only suggestion I’d have (if it isn’t already) is to have it customisable. Some people wont want their noob posts from 10 years ago in their portfolio, y’know? Would be great if we could choose what does and doesn’t show up there, perhaps by a new sub category, where we can tag things as ‘Portfolio’.


I second this!

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Yes! In fact, this feature is already supported. Right now we can do portfolios either by category OR by tag (#portfolio). I’m interested to further fund the development to allow for both features to be used simultaneously.

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So if I edit the posts I want to include in my portfolio and add the tag will it then only show those posts?

For now, our portfolios are ‘fixed’ to all work in the #artwork gallery (we can only use one ‘mode’ at a time).

I decided to go for this mode so we’d have a lot of populated portfolios on feature launch.


I like it!
However, I definitely would want to have the ability customise it further, such as choosing the order of which artworks are in.


This is very much welcome

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This is outside the scope of the change for now. We could evaluate this later and see how much extra work it would be.

I see, ok then

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this is a useful idea
the order of the imges is atomically by the time you upload things right ?

I think #game-engine:game-engine-resources ,#game-engine:works-in-progress-and-game-demos and #game-engine:finished-games topics also should be added to portfolio @bartv

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That’s a good idea, but not technically possible right now - we can only configure one (top-)category for the portfolios.


This could be something for users who support BA via donations or Patreon.

Very nice feature. Let’s take it even further and let’s make the portfolio the default1) user profile page instead of the general summary or user activity :slightly_smiling_face:.

1) Since not everyone contributes in the artwork subcategories, you can always utilize some conditions or make it an opt-in feature.


Now that’s real nice!
Makes previewing accounts much better!

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This functionality is here to remind me of all the projects I have abandoned. :smile:


Please allow pinning of posts for more ease and focus. For example, I have three posts for a single project in Work-in-progress, focused critique, and finished project, so people will see more irrelevant information.

It makes sense to only show the ones the user wants the site to show.

Where can I change the respective settings?
The portfolio tag doesn’t seem to exist in the list of available tags (probably because it is set up in category mode already?), and I couldn’t find any customization option related to the existing portfolio either.

There are no settings yet, see: