Announcing Ssrids


I’m announcing my crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming animated short:


So what is Ssrids?
Ssrids will be a sort of animated sketch journal, animated in hand-drawn 2D. It will be a short film, roughly between five and ten minutes, covering the weeks after I stopped taking sertraline. It’s about love, heartbreak, paranoia, anxiety, peace, friendship, and the gross habits you have when you think nobody’s watching.

Okay so what does Ssrids mean?
Ssrids is short for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor discontinuation syndrome. It refers to the withdrawal symptoms of a number of antidepressant and antianxiety medications.

What does Ssrids have to do with Blender?
Because I am already familiar with Blender, I plan to use Blender for certain 2D effects, compositing, and for its robust scripting interface. Depending on the success of my campaign, I will also consider reaching out to the community to sponsor improvements in Blender’s tools for different 2D animation techniques.

However, for the most part Ssrids will be animated either on paper and using 2D specialized software such as ToonBoom. Unfortunately, at this point Blender is not robust enough to support a hand-drawn production like I wish to make.

Will Ssrids be an open movie project?
Maybe! Making my project files available and organized for other people to look at and use will be a not-insignificant effort and cost on my part, not only in terms of modifying my workflow from the disorganized mess that is is, but also in terms of hosting my files online.

I have promised to make my files available online free for anyone to use if any one contributor backs a fairly significant (but not unimaginable) sum. Even if nobody steps up, I will absolutely be happy to post all my project files online if my campaign is very successful (like, say, 200% my funding goal, which in truth is fairly modest).

So is this just some commercial garbage? Are you trying to squeeze money out of me?
No! And Yes! I definitely want your money, that is the first thing I want, but I also want to share my campaign as it launches so that even if you aren’t ready to contribute any money at this point, you can follow my project as it develops. Even if I can’t get your financial support, your moral support will be hugely appreciated. And when my project is finished, it will be available to watch online for free! Backing my campaign is not a pre-order for the final film, it is just a way of showing your support.

Is this even in production? What do you have to show?
Sort of! I just recently had this big strange experience, and I was inspired really hard to produce this vision. As of this writing there is no completed animation, but I will certainly be releasing some animation before the end of this campaign (May 11 through June 2); this past week has been a rush of sketching the images in my head, making flyers putting together my IndieGogo page, writing press releases of sorts, interviewing for real jobs to support myself part-time, and so on. I realized as soon as I started that running a fundraising campaign is actually a full-time job (my friend who is a CFRE rolled his eyes at me when I learned this).

Please ask more questions, or redirect my post to a more appropriate forum! Stay cool Blenderheads!


Dunno if I’ll be able to support financially, but I’m already fascinated. I’ve experienced those symptoms in the past, and I can imagine a 2D animation will be VERY interesting, especially given the illustration you posted. Looking forward to following this!

Sounds very interesting. However I sincerely hope you are doing this using titration (gradual withdrawal) and under the care of a psychiatrist. I’m not an expert but I do take rather high doses of SSRI and know about the effects of discontinuation.

Thank you so much Joel! I will be posting daily updates, It would be TREMENDOUS if you shared it!

Unfortunately elbrujo, this is a story about a reckless and kind of self-destructive person who quit sertraline cold. Fortunately, I was on a low dose already, but I threw myself in and it was a wreck! I hope that with Ssrids I can be honest about my weird, negligent self-destructiveness and bad habits and ignorance as a human, if only to let other people know they’re not alone.

Cold turkey is certainly dangerous when it comes to these things but if it was a low dose for under 5-10 years should be fairly safe to quit without any weening off on even smaller doses. Similar when a heavy alcohol drinker of many years flat out quits that is when bad sometimes deadly withdrawals happen, that’s after years and years stacked. - Doctor Pause

Hey Man! This looks so nice, this project. I hope you have a healing experience from it and also hope you can help others. I also like the style of illustration you do, and the fact that it’s 2D. If you have any progress, I’d love to be updated.


Ssrids now has a Facebook page! Like Ssrids for updates on art, animation, and campaign announcements, as well as for daily posts about art and film from other creators!

I’m really digging the visual style so far, keep it up. Looking forward to seeing the finished animation.


If you’re one of the first fifteen people to contribute to Ssrids at the $30 level, you’ll get a big early-bird discount on my mass-produced physical perks!

Also, if you want to check out my blog, I talk a bit about my animation experiments for Ssrids, feel free to go and leave a comment!

I have a new teaser trailer, fresh off the editor!

There is LESS THAN ONE WEEK LEFT to contribute, so go help support Ssrids today!

Today is the last day! I did not reach my goal, which isn’t a surprise, but the support has been tremendous and I want to thank everyone who contributed and gave moral support! I will still be thrilled to send out my backer perks, so if anyone else wants to get in on that, go ahead and sign up, there are only a few hours left! I’ll update you all as I work on the film, I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you all like it when it comes out!

So, one last time, go help support Ssrids today! It’s your last chance!

Too bad you didn´t reach your goal, I kind of like your style, and I can appreciate the artistic effort you put in. Definitiley hope you stick with it.