Annoying armatures..

I set up an armature system, and before the rotational constraints were introduced in 2.40 I used empties as the IK targets and for the rotational constraints. I got rid of the empties so I could set up a proper walkcycle but now the IK chain becomes a mess whenever I try to pose it. Every movement past the initial one (moving the terminal bone) causes everything to mess up and lose the rotational constraint for some reason. Any suggestions?

Help much appreciated!

You’re probably going to have to delete all actions and start again. If any of the Empties that you removed were constrained (IK especially) you have lost any Actions that were linked to them. The bones that they controlled probably don’t have any actions but are flipped out, contorting between instructions from the Root bone and Object IPO’s on one end and no instructions from the other end.

You can send me the blend if you want ([email protected]).