Is there anyway in Blender to animate a single frame Jpeg or PNG or any other file format as a still, with NO background? I just want my logo to be exported with out the black, or world blue or anything except a non existant backgroubd, you know kind of like in photoshop with a transparent background. Please help. Also, where is the setting for controlling the export of a jpeg so I can make it crisp for vector graphics, or is that not possible.

thanks everyone!!

For alpha background:

In the render buttons -> format panel -> RGBA
In the render buttons -> render panel -> key or premul instaed of sky (read the tooltip)

For jpeg quality:

render buttons -> format panel -> quality = 100
– probably better to use png or tga which are lossless.


Also if you want a transparent background you’ll have to use png or tga over jpg as jpg’s don’t support transparency.