Annoying camera problem

I have Windows Vista and Blender 2.45. I was doing that Wikibook tutorial thingie with the little character when I was moving the camera when I suddenly zoomed out and got a grey screen. I zoomed back in (after much time) but for some reason I’m unable to zoom, pan, or move the camera at all and the camera’s angle has changed. I’ve pressed C, AltCtrl0, Ctrl0, and everything else. Help please? Ths is really frustrating. :mad:

Create an outliner window.
Select the camera in the outliner window.
Press N in the 3D window to bring up the direct numbers input dialog.
Zero all the coordinates for the camera in the number dialog.
Hit the ENTER key to lock in all the coordinates.
If that does not work, just delete the camera and add a new one.

Have you pressed NUM 5? That will get you out of perspective mode. You should be able to put your camera back where you want it when you do that.

I already hit num5 and it doesn’t do anything. The only time I can see my model is in perspective mode and in orthographic mode all I have is a grey blank screen that won’t allow me to move.

I did what Atom said and it’s still not working for me.