Annoying hard crease :(

here’s the steps i did …i want to get rid of that hard crease …thanx

1st step

2nd step

3rd step

Couldn’t you just select the faces inside the little arch and shift + e them?

dude i did it but it only rotates the faces am i right ? thanx

anyone any clue ?

Shift+e would make a harder crease, I don’t know if you did that all ready.
To undo it select the edges, Shift E, type in -1
And if thats not your porblem then your edges are to close, you could select them and hit “smooth” in the “MeshTools” panel, or you could move them out manually, or Edge Slide, (w-Menu)
-also be patient when asking questions, no need to bump your own thread, someone will answer it soon enough

thank you sooo much cire792 finally it worked :slight_smile: and sorry for the inconvenience

Alternatively, introduce extra edgeloops, but keep them local to the recessed area. Try to preserve the original spacing further away:

Best wishes,

It might sound like a bit of a cheat, but the most common way of solving this is just to make an object with more sides. Like this, it may look excessive, but it’s highpoly anyway and it gets the job done perfectly.

Although I’ve never seen it used before, cire’s method is interesting though.

thank you very much dude …i’ll check it

ohhhh but dude i’m focusing this for an animation so highpoly version will be useless :frowning: any way thanx

this might be a solution though

thanx dude it worked :slight_smile:

great :wink:
good luck for the rest of it