Annoying issues, when placing vertices with E

I have some annoying issues, placing vertices with E.

Every time I press E it

snaps to a diagonal angle and I need to press middle mouse button to un-snap and move it manually…


it constantly shows the green/red “orientation” lines -or whatever its supposed to be-
and I don´t see a shit of what I´m doing :confused:

Booth is ******* annoying me and stopping me from working without the urge, to slap my screen with my keyboard.
Nah it wasnt that bad because since I looked for help before that happened :eyebrowlift2:
Im sure that someone with more experience than me -beginner- can help.

Thank You! :smiley: EDIT: Problem solved with Jay´s post, Thanks guys

I realize it might feel awkward, but this is how it was intentionally coded. When you start an extrude it chooses a constraint automatically. It then behaves like any constraint you set in transform, which requires you to cycle through the options. Try regular ‘grab’ to experiment a bit with all constrainting shortcuts. Issue of “consistent” versus “expectations”…

Not a bug. Ton is right in his description.Transform constraints cycle between the following states: off, global axis, user selected axisWhen extruding an edge or two vertices, the user selected orientation is replaced with normal orientation and transformation is constrained to the plane perpendicular to that edge (locking normal Z), as such, it’s now at the “user selected axis” step in the cycle.
Pressing Z cycles to the next option which is Off.Pressing any other axis turns off the current constraint and cycles the selected one. So if you press X, it will cycle to global X axis constrained (or locked if you pressed Shift-X).
Another time will cycle to normal axis X and another time to Off.
Extruding faces does the same thing except it constrains to normal Z instead of locking it. That is, pressing Z again will cycle to Off.Moreover, the two axis are not determined in a random fashion. First, the Z axis is aligned with the edge and the Y axis is aligned opposite to the average of the normal of both vertices making the edge. The X axis follows logically. This means that for a normal surface, Z and X will be the tangent and the binormal, respectively.

user prefs>input
search for “extrude”
change operator name assigned to E to: mesh.extrude_region_move
save changes

This will make extrude free by default

personally I think it should always be free, and include an “n” key operator to constrain to the normal axis, as you would x,y, or z. Will never happen tho.

thank you, well i unchecked the default extrude and move on normals and
added a new item for E with your code.
but that menu is kinda strange too, you have to save the configuration as default to make changes take effect (?) and when i forgot to set the
move on normals item on N i restored it and it was blender default.
the strange thing is it should be my default now
since i changed stuff and saved as default…?

i mean it did what i want so i could take the code from the extrude and move on normals thing i deleted before but it doesnt seem to make sense, u know what i mean?
maybe its even bugged.

in my opinion they should put a working save, save as default, save as file and load file button :eyebrowlift2:

anyway, thanks for your help Jay :>