Annoying jittering bone constraint to object solver

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

The camera and object have both been solved. Camera in Pan mode with camera solver constraint applied.

The object has the same object solver as the bone but doesn’t rattle around.

Movement is inconsistent, e.g. in this clip it doesn’t move for the first few loops.

I will need to see the blend file.

It cold be the dreaded “Cyclic Dependancy Loop” in the rig - look in the console for evidence of this, I don’t know…

Cheers, Clock.

Hi Clock, thanks for the reply!

I didn’t see any “Cyclic Dependancy Loop” errors in the console.

Here’s a stripped down version of the blend file with the problem cube in red and a non-armatured cube in green if you get time to take a look.



Got it, leave it with me for a while.

Cheers, Clock.

So - this gets weirder every time I do something!

Here’s your file back, just press Play and watch…

ro038_sl363_t01_20180226xxx.blend (602 KB)

What I did was to add another bone and make it copy location and rotation of the green cube. Then your other bone stops misbehaving - I have not the slightest possible explanation as to why this is. If I turn off the constraints - the eye icons, it still behaves itself. If I just add a new bone and do nothing with it, your bone misbehaves???

I remain totally perplexed, as I don’t have the movie clip I cannot try a new bone with the same solver - it just does nothing, but any other object using the green cubes solver seems to work - perhaps you can only use the solver once in a project, then use this object to drive everything else that would need this solver? I am clutching at straws here and the manual is about as much use as a chocolate teapot on advanced procedures!

Cheers, Clock.

Hi Clockmender,

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the work around! I haven’t done much with bones before so I’ve most likely made a mistake at some point and caused it to behave like this.

I had another look at it after downloading your .blend and found that putting an object solver constraint on the bone for the red box in object mode and then turning it off also stopped it from jumping around which also makes no sense ha ha.

Unfortunately I can’t share the clip and have to plough on with the project so it will have to remain a mystery for now!

Pleased to help, hope it resolves the issue for you, I understand about not being able to supply the movie BTW

Cheers, Clock.