Annoying New Feature Of 2.4.9a (Linking Between Scenes)

Hi All,

I don’t remember Blender working like this. I upgraded to 2.4.9a this week and haven’t had any problems but now as I am linking in objects from other scenes an annoying feature keeps troubling me.

Create two scenes. Scene1 is the master scene and Scene2 is the scene that has the objects that we are linking.

So I go to Scene2 and select my rug object. I use CTRL-L and link it into Scene1. No problem. I pop over to Scene1 and yes, my rug is linked to Scene1 and selected.

So I go back to Scene2 and select my sofa object. I use CTRL-L and link it into Scene1. I pop back over to Scene1 and my sofa is there, but it is now part of the rug. Blender has merged my two objects at the vertex level. I really do not want this (who would ever want this). So what I figured out is that whatever is selected in the target scene, the mesh gets appened to from the source scene. Because I left the rug selected in Scene1, when I linked in the sofa, it’s mesh data was merged with the rug.

I hope I explained the problem correctly. There is a work around, you have to remember to deselect everything in your scene before you link new objects into it. But it is easy to forget when you are linking in a lot of things, then you have to delete your compound mistake object and re-link them all again (and not forget to de-select)

I don’t understand why this is the preferred operation for Blender?

I don’t remember Blender working this way. Is it just me or is this a new “feature”?