Annoying problem with IK [2.49]

Both legs have exactly the same settings. still this annoying problem keeps happening.

Anyone who can help me solve it?


dinoerror.blend (141 KB)

I don’t tend to open blend files from people I don’t know (the old script execution security risk).
Perhaps some screen shots and a better description of your problem would make things easier.

Also, I would suggest posting in the support section. This section is for posting animations.

Ah, sorry for that.
Would MOD kindly move it to the right place? :slight_smile:

Okej, These bones (IK_downheel.R/L) are the ones im talking about.

As seen on this picture below they both have ‘the end of the IK’ connected to the “Bone” on top. The way i connected it was with Shift+i and the picking “To New Empty Object”

And as you can see “IK_downheel.L” is still following along with the rest of the bones when moving the empties( so everything is as it should)

Now im doing the same “shift+i” as with the heels but on “foot.L”(so that the foot should stays horizontal), gabbing the empties for the left leg and moves them.
And here you can see that "IK_downheel.L is now moving freely

If i remove the IK solver from “IK_downheel.R” the bones stays intact on the left

And if i do exactly the same rigging on the right side as on the left. Just the right one keeps intact.

OT: what is this “the old script execution security risk” you are talking about?
Does blender allow harmful python code do run just by opening the .blend file :S?

I see two problems:

  • You have two conflicting IK chains going up each leg. I have no idea why they behave differently on each side, but basically this setup will not work, as far as I can tell. Try switching the chainLen on each of the foot bones to 1 (having it at zero just defaults to using the whole chain) and the conflict is removed, and they both start behaving in the same way.

  • You are using empties as your IK targets. Why? This is very non standard, AFAIK. You generally want to keep all your character animation within the rig, so that all your controllers move in rig space, as opposed to world space, and all your keyframes are on armature bones and sit in the one action.

Here is a good tutorial for you

BTW, in terms of anatomy, these sorts of animal legs actually have a floating ankle, as in the ankle doesn’t touch the ground. So the ankle should actually be at the junction of your “upperfoot” and “lowerleg” bones. If you have a dog or cat, check out their hind legs for ideas.

Regarding the code execution thing: yes. Just like Maya and Max, Blender can execute scripts at startup. (Fortunately there is now a “Trusted Source” button on the file open dialogue, which can stop this happening.)