Annoying problem with Indigo... Please Help!

I’m trying to render one of my projects in Indigo, but it renders in Black and White, except for some areas. I’ve attached the Indigo render and my last Internal Render; note the windscreen is opaque in the Indigo render, this was intentional.

What could be the problem? Please help, I’ve had this problem with another of my projects as well.


You probably need to bake your materials into textures. I think there is a tutorial on how to do it, on the indigo website. Are you using Blendigo?

Well, did you actually set proper Indigo Materials? Using the Blendigo script? The automatic conversion by Blendigo is nice but most of the times I need to manually adjust the materials.

How would I do that? It’s probably the problem.

Well, first off you still need to answer the question wheter you use Blendigo or not…

Since it assume it is so, it’s simple, Blendigo has it’s own Material section. Check out
Even though it is a little outdated, the basics still apply and the tutorial should provide a good starting point.

Sorry, yes I am using blendigo. What’s confusing me is that it’s worked perfectly for me once before and now it’s not working for any of my projects. I’ll have another look at the tutorial.