annoying vertices thing


im a total noob at this kinda thing, so i thought id ask for some assistance

when i select a vertice it doesnt select it, it instead selects another one, miles away from the one i originally tried to select… its really annoying, i can only select it properly by using wireframe mode.

in case u need it, im using windows xp sp2, and i have an x800 graphics card

thanks in advance


hi I’m also new to blender and have the same difficulty, most annoying when you’ve made a whole load of selections and then the last one you select goes way off so you try unselecting it and another vert/edge selects instead. so you end up starting the selection again.

The only solution I’ve found is to zoom in closer and try again. But then have you noticed zooming in gets slower and slower until your not zooming at all. so you have to do ‘view selected’ to get in close and then zooming is really fast again. annoying.

not much help but your not alone.

I have the same problem, but it’s no big deal because it doesn’t have the problem when in wireframe mode…
Edit: If you select a wrong vertex or edge, just press Ctrl-Z (undo) and you’ll have your previous selection back

If it is because you are selecting something behind what you are trying to select ,toggle the limit select view button so it will only allow you to select things at the front of view. (button you want is shown below with red box around it)

go to the display settings [hit the advanced button] or catalyst control center [if you have that]

disable antialiasing [or set it to application prefrence]

… there might be another fix but I think it’s working something like this
in addition to blender drawing the vert on the screen it is drawing the vert on the back buffer color [but each vert has its own color]

when you right click it searches in that buffer for the color of the vert you clicked on

it then selects the vert with the corresponding color

if your graphics card does something fancy [AA isn’t the only fancy thing that could mess it up, but it comes to mind] then blender might not select the right vert…

… at least, that is how I think it works… I haven’t checked the code or anything

[besides, you shouldn’t have AA forced anyway]

ahhh your right z3r0 d, it was the antialiasing setting, i had it set to 4x instead of application managed, i can see why it would cause problems.

thanks for your help :smiley: