Annoying viewport wireframe simplification

I am using Blender 249.2 for rigging and animation right now, and it’s going great, but editing the vertex weights is bothersome when it doesn’t even show where the vertices are - and furthermore, emerging the question of this thread, when you turn on wire view all you get is some dumb auto-simplified vision of your model. I want to see all the edges and vertices - not ugly ngons and incorrect quad loops.

Do any of the Blender users here know how I can force the viewport to show accurate wires? The only way to actually see the geometry that I made (externally to blender) is by entering edit mode on the mesh; all wire depictions I have found beyond that are auto-simplified and visually useless.

Kind of hoping there’s just some obscure tick-box somewhere that eludes my wrath…


There is a show all edges button in one of the mesh tools panels when in edit mode. I don’t have blender in front of me but it is the same panel that contains the show normals / hide / reveal. look in each panel and you’ll find it.


I have found the very panel. It is under Editing > More, when it edit mode. Thank you so, so much!

Richard, you rock! They hide things in the darn’est places.

I’m a Max convert and for the most part, I’m liking Blender. It’s just… different.

Thank you sooo much!!!

Thanks to you too, Vrav, for the pointer.
It’s in the Mesh Tools panel next to Shapes and Modifiers.