(gargola) #1

Now this is annoying! now,everytime i’m working with blender,making a game or something,suddenly a message like “blender has caused an error on blender.exe” or something like that and blender crashes!!! :x :x :x this is getting i have to save every 2 seconds cause i don’t know when the message is going to appear and crash.yeah,i know,“go an update your 3d card drivers”…that doesn’t work for me. last time i did it,blender didn’t,don’t tell me to update.LOL :wink:

(Ben) #2

-Try to change color depth.Turn it in 16 bits color instead of 32 bits.

(OTO) #3

Maybe not the drivers, but all the system!!
It’s time for a reinstall, i guess!!

(wiseman303) #4

Are you using windows ME?

Blender has all sorts of issues with windows ME.

(gargola) #5

ben: i will try that right now.

OTO: my last reinstall was a couple of days ago.i lost a lot of files on a crash and got to reinstall. :frowning:

wise:yes,i’m on windows Me.but this problem is new…i’m using blender for a long time with windows ME,and now i have this problem.(i never had this problem before).

(gargola) #6

Ben: ugghhhhhhhhhhh! i changed to 16 bits and it looks horrible! :-? man! any other solutions? :frowning:

(gargola) #7

hey i discovered that it only happens when i’m applying textures to my models! now that sux…first i can’t use the vertex painting(the same problem…blender crashes)and now i can’t apply textures??? i repeat,this problem is new,cause i’ve been using blender before and didn’t have this problem.what could be causing this problem?i’ve only installed 2 new things,the gimp and python…if there is no solutions,i’ll have to uninstall both to see if they are causing the problem. :frowning:

(mr_artshow) #8

now be a little more specific about reinstalling, did you reinstall windows or blender…if windows try reinstalling blender again, it sounds like blender is having some inner issues. besides, it does say: “BLENDER has caused and error…ect”. if you reinstalled BLENDER redownload blender again. but if neither works, I hope uninstalling GIMP or PYTHON does the job.

(gargola) #9

oh i give up.

1- i don’t need to reinstall windows(i already did)
2- can’t update the card drivers(already did and blender doesn’t work)
3- changing the resolution makes the games look like crap
4- i uninstalled and reinstalled blender
5- uninstalled both the gimp and python

that’s it.i can’t do anything else. :frowning:

(Fred_Pyo) #10

[Useless and meaninless post]
User friendly? Yeah right!
“Warning, installing Windows will void you computer’s warranty”

(saluk) #11

Switch to one of these tree operating systems:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Or of course linux

Blender has mucho problemos with ME, and well, to be frank, windows ME is the most problem riddled incarnation of windows there is.

16 bit does look bad, but if it is the only one that works, you can’t complain too much.

(Pooba) #12


Sorry, had to get it out of my system.


(gargola) #13

sorry guys,but if that’s the solution i’m …er…i don’t want to say the word.LOL anyway,i can’t switch right now.well, i guess that’s it for me,at least for the moment.thanx anyway guys.

(xhyldazhk) #14

download a linux distribution you can install without repartitioning your hard disk (like Phat Linux or WinLinux) and install blender on it.

(blengine) #15

i have wondows me… it works good for me but i used to have a problem like that with another one of my programs… do u have avirus scanner??
maybe youve got a virus? scan scan =)

(gargola) #16

imgranpaboy: yes i have an antivirus.i scanned and there are no last hope is to reinstall windows again(and cross my fingers…i can’t live without blender!!! :-? )LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: anyway,thanx! :smiley:

(gargola) #17

seems like blender is working now that i reinstalled.weird! let me go again and keep testing.

(blenderage) #18

I have ME it f*ing sucks, it crashes randomally, like ill be busily texturing something and i hear ny comp give a croak and die… im getting XP soon so things should be back to normal.

(gargola) #19

well,i’m back again.seems like blender is working fine again. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

(saluk) #20

good for you gargola:)