Guaranteed to annoy your parents after the 56’th go-round.


I saw this a while ago, the only annoying thing is the TV ad for marketing the mobile ringtone.

I first heard the sound of ‘the thing’ probably over 2 years ago on a “funny stuff” website but there was no animation. It was played over a picture of a formula 1 car. Now it’s on most new mobile phones.

I notice quite often that when someone’s phone rings, and the (now very) ‘annoying thing’ is the ringtone, they have to turn to someone and say “it’s good, isn’t it” before answering. 8)

Same here, I saw it in 2003 with a little picture of an F1 car. Not from the F1 challenge though !!!111 lol lmfao lol leet roxors t//&t!!

Now it’s the subject of an uprising of people who find it maybe the most annoying thing on the planet.

What fun and joy the internet bringeth the man.

I remember this. This is everywhere on tv now. Originally, its a Sanity test. You watch the picture of an f1 and listen to the sound (which was originally a looped pattern) for 60 without laughing, you are probably not insane…apparantly im insane…

This all is a rip off. Like 5 or 6 years ago I heard the exact same mp3 file on kazaa doing that brum brum zoef zoef sound. I thought it was crazy kid which uploaded that file. Now 6 years later it’s the most anoying sound on the tv as wel on the radio. And guess what? The Exact same sound as 6 years ago. Did they rip it or just blew new life in? :-?

I dig the Modeling, animation and light/ render stuff. I could care less about the “ba-ding-a-ding” voice effect. Get some helium, a half of a 2liter bottle and a cheap mic and go to town. Some stomp pedals like Envelope filter and phasor and a wa wa would be the bomb to.

I’ve seen this before. Never really found it funny myself.

Those guys do make some very interesting animations in LightWave though. :slight_smile:

The sad thing is there have been complaints about that frog animation being used on daytime television adverts because of it’s pee pee.

That’s right, people complained about a 3d frog having a pee pee, “My children shouldn’t be exposed to this filth” etc etc.

Honestly. You would think people would have better things to complain about rather than complaining about a virtual pee pee…



its called a PENIS. using the correct word is not shamefull.

i had that animation saved to my computer long ago, and i totally loved it :smiley: