annoyng problem with blender

here is my problem
i downloaded a tutorial from explained how to make a fire using particle system .
with the tutorial i downloaded a compleated blender file
but now,each time i open blender it´ll open the “fire” file and i have to delete it to start a new project.Also(pressing " file -->new–>erase all,wont erase)why?

You did Ctrl-U while the Fire.blend was opened and it got saved as your default file. Either empty it and do Ctrl-U again or search your HD for B.blend and delete it (a new one will be generated on startup).


i dont think i made Ctrl+U but if i did,why cant i erase it when i press new project.

Because it’s loaded as your default .blend (B.blend), the one the program looks for when you press “New”.